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TechShop is a membership-based, do-it-yourself workshop and prototyping studio that provides makers of all ages and skill levels affordable, open access to a wide range of tools, equipment, resources, and workspace.

Since 2006, TechShop has opened eight locations across the U.S, from San Francisco to Detroit to Austin. It has provided members the tools and support they need to launch dozens of companies and create thousands of new jobs in the process. Just ask successful businesses like Square and DODOcase, which created their prototypes right at TechShop!

When a new TechShop opens, the impact on the community is immeasurable. TechShop brings together and cultivates a highly creative, collaborative group of makers, tinkerers, students, academics, and entrepreneurs, who share ideas, learn new skills, and create new products, businesses and jobs.

TechShop partners with universities, community colleges, corporations, nonprofits and companies big and small. Together, we democratize access to the tools of invention in local communities, providing the resources that real people need to turn their big ideas into real successes. As an investor, you become an integral part of this process, as your funds directly impact TechShop’s ability to reach, equip, and empower as many makers around the globe as possible.

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Successful projects

TechShop fuels innovation and gives entrepreneurs the tools and resources they need to develop their ideas and ultimately, change the world. Your investment directly supports this effort. Take a look at some of the projects that began at TechShop:


Square, a mobile payments device, prototyped by TechShop member James McKelvey. Without TechShop, James would not have been able to construct the prototype necessary to get VC-funded. Today, Square is valued at $6 billion. It has revolutionized the peer-to-peer transaction.


DODOcase, a luxury iPad case, prototyped by TechShop member Patrick Buckley. Patrick took a handful of TechShop classes, used these skills to build his prototype, and within 90 days, had sold $1 million in product.


Embrace, a portable infant incubation blanket, by TechShop members Jane Chen and Naganand Murty. With TechShop’s resources, Jane and Naganand were able to increase the blanket’s incubation period from 1 hour to 4-5 hours. The blanket has saved over 87,000 babies lives in third-world countries.


Lumio, a modern lamp that unfolds from a book, was created by TechShop member Max Gunawan. Using a prototype made at TechShop using tools such as the laser cutter, Max was able to raise over $600,000 on Kickstarter. Lumio is now sold at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and at retailers around the world.


Puzzle Pax, customizable wooden 6 pack holders that ship flat and are put together like a puzzle, are fabricated by TechShop member and veteran Gio Attisano. Using the free membership and classes he received through TechShop’s Veterans Program, Gio took a class on the laser cutter. Within two months, he started Puzzle Pax, and now they are sold at breweries, home good stores and grocery chains nationwide.

Brit + Co

Brit +Co, an online media and commerce company that enables creativity, was founded by TechShop member Brit Morin. Wanting to encourage women in DIY and making, Brit took inspiration from her time as a member at TechShop. Brit + Co offers inspirational content, online classes and DIY kits and reaches over 10 million women a month.

Future TechShop locations

Your investment directly funds TechShop’s effort to expand its reach across the U.S. and around the world, providing more and more people with access to affordable tools and a rich community of fellow makers and entrepreneurs.

St. Louis, MO

Open stores

International locations

Investment opportunity webinars

Join us at an upcoming webinar to learn how YOU can become a TechShop investor and support the future of innovation. Hosted by CEO Mark Hatch and CFO Mike Hilberman. Q&A will follow.

Wednesday, July 27th, 1:00pm PDT

Investment opportunities


Purchase TechShop, Inc. Series B preferred stock

We are currently providing a 10% discount, meaning a stock price of $2.286/share.


Make a Loan to TechShop, Inc. or a Specific Store (listed below)

We issue a promissory note terms with 8% annual interest over 10 years. Payments are comprised of interest only for the first five years, and principal + interest for the following five years.

Stores that may receive individual loans:

  • TechShop San Jose
  • TechShop San Francisco
  • TechShop Mid-Peninsula
  • TechShop St. Louis

As a “Thank you!” gift, TechShop Lifetime Membership is provided to the investor + spouse/domestic partner (living at the same address) + children up to 21 years of age.

Each offering requires a minimum investment of $25,000 and requires investors to be accredited, as defined by the SEC. All offerings are set to close on December 31, 2016.

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